RHS Theory Courses

RHS Theory Courses

Courses leading to the RHS Level 2 theory Certificates run at our Centres at Ryton Gardens, near Coventry, North Moreton near Didcot and Bampton near Faringdon, Oxon. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  the RHS suite of qualifications changed recently: centres started to deliver the new format Level 2 qualifications in September 2022, the new Level 3 in September 2023.

 In the new format for Level 2 there is a new new single theory Certificate in the Principles of Plant Growth and Development (2022) which with a new Practical Certificate will make up a new  RHS Level 2 Certificate in the Principles and Practices of Horticulture. 

The Principles Certificate consists of two units, assessed by two examinations; each unit will include 4 topics and the examinations will sample knowledge in all four topics, plus 'qualification-wide outcomes' of sustainability, best practice, health and safety and equality and diversity which are common to both theory and practical qualifications.  Awards are graded as Pass, Merit and Distinction. Examinations will  be online, three times a year.

For Level 3 there is a new single theory Certificate in Plant Growth, Garden Planning and Applied Propagation which with a new Practical Certificate will make up an RHS Advanced Certificate, and with a new Award in Horticultural Investigation will make up a Level 3 Diploma. Assessment formats for the theory Certificate will follow the level 2 structure. Examinations for the 'legacy' level 3 theory Certificates will continue through 2024 with the absolute final exam round in February 2025.  Incomplete Certificates cannot be transferred to the new qualification.

Completing both the 'legacy'  theory Certificates plus the new Practical Certificate in 2023-4 will allow you to achieve the current RHS Level 3 Diploma before the cut-off for transitions in July 2025. However if all theory and practical courses at level 3 are not completed by July 2024 then the transition arrangements expire and students will have work through the new diploma.