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Safe Application of Pesticide Using Handheld Equipment with Hydraulic Nozzles/Rotary Atomizers (Pa6)

Sorry, there is currently no availability for this course, for further information on when there will be availability for this course, please feel free to contact us.

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This course is essential for all those involved in applying pesticides using a knapsack sprayer fitted with hydraulic nozzles/rotary atomizer to apply pesticide to land.  In the UK, anyone using a professional pesticide must either have a recognised specified certificate (previously known as a ‘Certificate of Competence’) or be working under the direct supervision, for the purposes of training, with someone who has such a certificate. Pa6a is the qualification that entitles the holder to use a knapsack sprayer to apply pesticides.

Pa1 is a prerequisite for the suite of Pesticide Application Awards, only when you have achieved your Pa1 the Safe Application of Pesticides, can you be assessed for Pa6a. Please note in practice candidates take their Pa1 test by undertaking a multiple-choice test online, under the supervision of a City & Guilds Independent Assessor in directly before they are due to be assessed for their Pa6a. However, if they fail the Pa1 online test, they are not then permitted to go and take the Pa6a assessment.

What will I study?

You will study the underpinning knowledge essential for safe application of pesticides using a knapsack sprayer in order to obtain a Pa6 certificate. In addition, you will undertake practical training to prepare you for assessment.

What is covered?

The following areas are covered during the course:

  • Know the legislative and safety regulations relating to applicator use
  • Be able to assess the environmental factors relating to mixing and application
  • Be able to read and interpret product information
  • Be able to prepare and calibrate a handheld pedestrian applicator
  • Be able to operate the application equipment
  • Know how to carry out post-operational procedures

How is it delivered and assessed?

This qualification is assessed at a mutually convenient date by an Independent City and Guilds Assessor. The duration of assessment is likely to be between 1 and 3 hours.

What qualification will I get?

You will receive a City & Guilds NPTC Certificate in The Safe Application of Pesticide Using Pedestrian Handheld Equipment Fitted with Hydraulic Nozzles/Rotary Atomizer to Apply Pesticide to Land. Note this is issued directly by City & Guilds NPTC.

What is the cost and venue(s)?

Training is £150.00 per candidate, registration through CEPT is £27.00 and certification with City & Guilds NPTC £35.00, assessment by a City & Guilds Assessor is £ 77.00, the total payable is £289.00

Courses will take place our Ryton Centre. However, if you would like this course delivered at your own site please contact us, we would be pleased to discuss viability and cost. please contact Tony Davies by email.

What is the enrolment process?

To book your place on a course, click on the green 'Enrol on this Course' button above; but if you would like this course delivered in the workplace, please contact Tony Davies by email:

What else do I need to know?

 We have a very high success rate in preparing candidates for assessment, to date we have achieved 100% success!

What can I do after completing this course?

You can go on to train and be assessed on any of the Pa6 application modules or perhaps Pa2. This qualification will entitle you to use pesticides in a professional capacity as a trained and licensed pesticide spray operator using a knapsack sprayer to apply pesticides to land.