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Rose workshop

Sorry, there is currently no availability for this course, for further information on when there will be availability for this course, please feel free to contact us.

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Roses can cause gardeners a lot of  anxiety - there is so much to get  right each year to get a consistent show of blooms, and so many possible problems. This one-day course is designed to give you some confidence in getting the best from your roses.

What will I study?

This course covers planting, pruning and training  the main types of rose, with demonstrations and some opportunities for hands-on work. 

What is covered?

  • Rose terminology  - an explanation of types and growth habits
  • Planting (including tips on overcoming rose replant problems)#
  • Autumn and late winter pruning
  • Training climbers and ramblers
  • Rose problems - dealing with pests and diseases
  • Practical pruning and training

How is it delivered and assessed?

This course is not assessed; an expert tutor will take you through some of the background to looking after roses, then  take you through pruning and train methods on specimen plants outside, before allowing you opportunities to practice this for yourself.

What qualification will I get?

On completion of the programme you will be given a course completion certificate from the Academy of Practical Horticulture.

What is the cost and venue(s)?

The course takes place at North Moreton, starting in the Village Hall and then in the garden at The Filberts nearby.

Cost: £95.00 plus V.A.T. at £19.00 for the complete course, total payable £114.00.

What is the enrolment process?

Click on the green 'enrol for this course ' button above.

What else do I need to know?

 This is mixture of theory and practical work,  therefore you need to wear comfortable casual  clothing and for inclement weather some waterproofs which are also thornproof would be ideal! Secateurs and gloves will be provided but safety footwear or stout boots should be worn.

What can I do after completing this course?

You would be welcome to attend any of the short course or masterclasses that we offer, or perhaps (if not already studying one of them) one of the Royal Horticultural Society Courses at one of our centres.