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Certificate in Organic HorticultureHome£595.00
Course ModulesPrice
(DC) Cert Org Hort First instalment payment£300.00
(DL) Cert Org Hort Second instalment payment£300.00

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This qualification is designed to enable you to plan, construct and maintain a complete organic garden; it is suitable for anyone who has an interest in organic horticulture.

There are no formal entry requirements and it is suitable for a wide age range of learners. For example:

those who wish to garden in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner
allotment holders who wish to produce organic fruit and vegetables sustainably
community and school gardeners who want to promote organic horticulture, and
professionals who wish to develop their organic horticultural knowledge and skills, who may work in the heritage sector e.g. for English Heritage,The National Trust etc.
The study programme is endorsed by Garden Organic.


What will I study?

To achieve a B.E.S.T. Certificate in Organic Horticulture you must successfully complete a minimum of eight modules.

Compulsory units are:

  • Principles which underpin sustainable horticulture practices
  • Planning an organic garden
  • Managing soil, growing media and maintaining fertility

and you can choose any five others to complete your Certificate, from:

  • Understanding the properties of soil and importance of soil biology
  • Importance of habitat provision and biodiversity
  • Planning year round organic vegetable growing
  • Vegetable growing methods, harvesting, storage and seed saving
  • Growing annuals, biennials and herbaceous perennials sustainably
  • Selecting, planting and maintaining trees and shrubs sustainably
  • Selecting and maintaining lawns and wildlife friendly alternatives
  • Prevention, identification and organic control of garden pests, diseases and disorders
  • Prevention, identification and organic control of garden weeds

There is NO EXTRA CHARGE  if you want to study more than eight modules.

What is covered?

Click here to download the full Guide for the Qualification.
Download Guide for the Distance Learning option here.

How is it delivered and assessed?

The correspondence course is ideal if you prefer to work from 'hard copy' and have printed course notes to keep.
Delivery is by printed course materials; assessment by a portfolio of evidence and by online multiple choice questions. 

 We will send you full-colour printed course materials for each unit. Your tutor can be contacted via email to support you in your studies, and your assessment is on a portfolio of evidence which you send to your tutor for each unit.

You will also have access to the online classroom, as there is a multiple choice test to confirm your understanding at the end of each unit.

If you would prefer to work online or take your course notes with you everywhere on a tablet, click on the 'Online' course tab below for details of this option.

What qualification will I get?

At the end of the course we will issue a BEST in Horticulture Certificate of Achievement which lists the modules you have successfully completed.

What is the cost and venue(s)?

 Delivery, tutor support, online testing and assessment of the portfolio of evidence: £595.00

You can also pay in two instalments of £300 , total payable for the course £600 (including £5 administration fee)

Study at home, or whenever and wherever it suits you.

What is the enrolment process?

You can enrol and buy the course on the website using PayPal.

 correspondence materials will be sent out within a week, and you will also receive an email with your log-in and password for the online classroom.

We use the information you give us on PayPal to set up your enrolment  - if you buy a course for someone else, or your PayPal uses an old email address, please contact us.  

What else do I need to know?

Your course materials are yours to keep, and you have access to the online classroom and tutor support for two years.

What can I do after completing this course?

If you want to develop your general horticultural knowledge, you can study an RHS qualification - an RHS Level 2 qualification is well respected in the horticultural industry and can be the first step in changing to a career in horticulture. It is an accepted route into the horticultural profession for National Trust and many other employers.

We also offer you the opportunity to pursue an interest in a garden design with our Practical Garden Design Course. Click on the tab below for more details.