DIY Garden Design

Do It Yourself Garden Design is a supported distance learning experience that will enable you to design your own garden, or gardens for others, to a professional standard.

Course content, module list:

1. Producing a ‘Tear Sheet’

2. Clarifying the design objectives

3. Carrying out a site survey

4. Carrying out soil analysis and improving soil

5. Producing your own design brief

6. Drawing up the site survey to produce the site plan

7. Formulating your ideas for a design

8. Researching the hard and soft landscaping elements

9. Producing your master plan (a full design)

10. Producing construction drawings (optional)

11. Producing planting plans

12. Developing a specification (optional)

13. Setting out

14. The maintenance schedule (optional)

Great Garden Design


All the course reading materials are supplied as full colour in a binder. We supply the plastic A4 envelopes (addressed) to send your work to your tutor for evaluation (please note you are responsible for the cost of postage to the tutor). The tutor will return all work sent to them by post at our cost. Where practicable you will be asked to submit some work electronically,

Option 1 - Course with design pack £695 + VAT, total price £834

The design pack contains all the necessary equipment and materials to produce different types of garden design drawings to a high standard. The contents include: A3 drawing board (and bag), set squares, compass, French curves, scale ruler, circle template, pack of drawing pens, colour pencils and supplies of tracing and drawing paper. The retail value of the design pack is in excess of £150.




Option 2 - Course without design pack £595 + VAT, total price £714

You will probably choose this option if you already own or have access to drawing equipment. With this option you will not receive the design pack, but we do supply all the drawing paper.


What support do you get?

When you have paid for your course you will be assigned a dedicated personal tutor and given their email address. On this course your tutor will only be contactable by email (emails being answered within three working days). They will guide you through each module, review all of the materials that you send them by post/email and provide you with detailed feedback to enable you to improve as you progress.

Achievement: At the end of the course we will issue a BEST in Horticulture Certificate of Achievement which lists the modules you have successfully completed.