Enrol for Blended Learning or the Consolidated Programme

When you begin the assessment process for this course, we will need to register you with the RHS, so can we ask you to fill in an enrolment form which gives us the information we will need?

Once we receive the form, we will confirm your enrolment and direct you to a PayPal page.

If you only wish to sign up for the online course materials for blended learning at this stage, or make further instalment payment for assessments, please click here to move direct to PayPal.

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If so, please check that the form of your name used above is the same (did you include a middle name, or use an abbreviation?) as this will help the RHS to keep your records straight.

(who should we call and on what number, if you are taken ill during an assessment?)

This information is confidential and disclosed only to your tutor and the RHS.

In ‘blended’ learning BEST undertakes to supply you with online training materials and tutor feedback to enable you to prepare for the activities covered in the RHS syllabus. You undertake to study the online material and to practise these activities before you present yourself for an assessment day.

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