Royal Horticultural Society Level 2 Certificate in Practical Horticulture

Blended Learning and Consolidated Programme 

For many people this is  the first step in changing to a career in horticulture. This is also an ideal course for adult beginners or keen gardeners who want to develop their practical skills. There are no formal entry requirements and it is particularly suited to adult learners who haven’t recently studied.

L2 Practical Course

Course content:

  • Soil Testing
  • Sowing seeds and vegetative propagation techniques
  • Practical skills in ground preparation for seeding and planting
  • Practical skills in establishing seeds and plants in soil
  • Care and pruning of plants
  • Identification of a range of common garden plants, weeds, pests, diseases, disorders and beneficial organisms
  • Sustainable garden practice


How blended learning is taught and assessed:

You will be shown in your online classroom how to carry out a range of practical horticultural tasks, which you should study and practise; then you will have the chance to practise them again at our Centre before you are assessed against Royal Horticultural Society standards.

Download a leaflet on how 'blended learning' works here.

How the consolidated programme is taught and assessed:

You will be given access to the online classroom. Each day you attend you will receive instruction, practice tasks and be assessed against Royal Horticultural Society standards. In addition you will be given a series of plant identifications to complete. 

Download a leaflet on how the 'consolidated programme' works here.


Blended Learning

There are two parts to the course:

Part 1, study: online study materials and tuition for the seven-unit course:  £276.00 (£230 + VAT)

Part 2, assessment:  RHS Registration fees £119 + assessment fees £406 + VAT  = £630.00, or four instalments of £162.00  including administration fee.


Consolidated Programme

Complete an enrolment form, then book your place on the programme starting in either February or July.

RHS Registration fees £119 + tuition and assessment fees £568.50 = £687.50+ VAT = £ 825.00, or four instalments of £210.00  including administration fee.

Achievement: When you have passed all of the assessments, we will apply to the Royal Horticultural Society for your Level 2 Certificate in Practical Horticulture.

If you combine this with the theory Certificates, you will be awarded  the RHS Level 2 Diploma in the Principles and Practices of Horticulture.