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A qualification designed to enable you to plan, construct and maintain a complete organic garden; it is suitable for anyone who has an interest in organic horticulture.

A study programme endorsed by Garden Organic

 organic 1  Compulsory units are:                                            

01   Principles which underpin sustainable horticulture practices

02  Planning an organic garden

04   Managing soil, growing media and maintaining fertility  


A flexible course with a range of study and assessment methods to suit you:

Option 1 - Delivery online and assessment of uploaded coursework and by multiple choice questions online.

Option 2  Delivery by printed materials, assessment of a portfolio of evidence and online multiple choice questions. 


To achieve a B.E.S.T. Certificate in Organic Horticulture you must successfully complete a minimum of eight modules.

Three modules are compulsory, and you can choose any five others to complete your Certificate.

There is NO EXTRA CHARGE  if you want to study more than eight.

crop protection 2

organic 2  

You  can choose a minimum of any other five modules, from:

03 Understanding the properties of soil and importance of soil biology

05 Importance of habitat provision and biodiversity

06 Planning year round organic vegetable growing

07 Vegetable growing methods, harvesting, storage and seed saving

08 Growing annuals, biennials and herbaceous perennials sustainably

09 Selecting, planting and maintaining trees and shrubs sustainably                                       

10 Selecting and maintaining lawns and wildlife friendly alternatives                                     

11 Prevention, identification and organic control of garden pests, diseases and disorders        

12 Prevention, identification and organic control of garden weeds

Course costs:

For either online distance or correspondence delivery, tutor support,    

online testing and assessment of the portfolio of evidence £ 425.00

(plus VAT @ £85.00)  Total payable £510.00


Download a course leaflet here for more information.


Click here to download the Guide for the Qualification.

Download Guide for the Distance Learning option here.



At the end of the course we will issue a BEST in Horticulture Certificate of Achievement which lists the modules you have successfully completed.