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(BL) RHS Level 2 Practical
Complete Course£668.00
(BL) Online Course (mandatory)£210.00
(BL) Registration and Assessments: instalment (1 of 4 payments)£120.00
(BL)Registration & Assessments (complete)£458.00
(BL) RHS Level 3 Practical
Complete Course£610.00
(BL) Online Course (mandatory)£150.00
(BL) Registration & Assessments (complete)£460.00
(BL) Registration and Assessment instalment (1 of 4 payments)£120.00

RHS Practical courses:Level 2 North Moreton (Thursdays); Level 2  Ryton (Friday am or Saturday pm); places starting in Jan ’15. For Level 3  Practical we have some places at both centres for a January start.

NEW at Ryton: Friday afternoons starting in January, 'Propagation through the year',  a series of practical masterclasses; NEW at North Moreton: fruit pruning workshop in January, short course on garden design  running again in 2015.  ENQUIRIES: use the CONTACT US  link above or call 07544 512501.